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Month: February 2017

Personal Injury Attorney Metairie For Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is on the rise, but few patients expect to be the victim of malpractice or negligence from their trusted physician. If the medical personnel’s mistake or poor care was unintentional, he is still liable for his actions.

Peyton Burkhalter, a Metairie personal injury attorney, is an expert in determining if an individual is the victim of medical malpractice. He has successfully represented many individuals in the New Orleans area. Medical malpractice occurs when the doctor, nurse, or hospital is negligent in some way that seriously impacts the recovery of the patient. As a result, the patient is harmed.

Some medical malpractice claims involve misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis. To prove this type of claim, the treating doctor’s diagnosis is compared to how other competent doctors in the same field would provide treatment. If the competent doctor would not have made the same error, then the treating doctor is possibly liable.

Often malpractice claims involve prenatal and childbirth injuries. Surgery errors are also responsible for a substantial number of medical malpractice lawsuits. When a doctor prescribes medication, patients expect to get well. Approximately 1.5 million people are harmed each year from medication errors according to a 2006 study. Errors made by an anesthesiologist can have severe consequences including death.

The Journal of Patient Safety believes that close to 400,000 preventable deaths are attributed to medical malpractice. If you suspect that you or a family member is a victim of medical malpractice, contact Peyton Burkhalter Law for a free consultation to review your case.

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